Stay Away From GoDaddy And Their Flawed Hosting!

Where does one start with this company?
Using porn to advertise their crappy hosting services, their CEO shooting elephants for the heck of it, the lousy customer service which has been outsourced to God knows whom (Most of them speak in such broken English that you need a translator to discern words from animalistic sounds), their policy on SOPA and ACTA; Basically supporting the censorship and monogamy of the entire Internet, simultaneously ruining it for everybody but the big companies who like to shove their advertising down our throats whenever they can…

You can see where I’m going with this and one might think that I’m very subjective when it comes to my hosting experience with GoDaddy which does bear some truth, but hear me out: The same experiences I had are shared among thousands of their other users and little is being done to fix that!
Starting off with their faulty Website Builder Next, which gives you as much control over a website as you would give a baby driving a fully operated airplane.

”Be glad you are allowed to insert YOUR OWN TEXT on the designated places we picked out for you!”
That is the best way to summarize this embarrassment of a package, disallowing users to even change or delete most of their implemented template.

‘But sir, GoDaddy is cheap!’
Yeah, yeah I heard that chatter a million times already; You buy yourself a hosting package for 15$ a year, get a free .com domain for a year and get to sleep with Monica Belluci?

This was to be the truth if there wasn’t for two huge red flags when signing a deal with those crooked operators:

1) The Upselling: Nobody gives a damn that you picked a package best suited for your wallet, as we will be randomly adding items in your shopping cart without notifying you.
From personal experience, I once wanted to buy myself a .me domain as they were offered up on a bargain at 0,99$.
So how did I end up almost paying 150$ for stuff I have never even heard of in my life? Ask GoDaddy and their amoral marketing techniques…

2) No Way To Export Your Website:
People think they are smart, that they can game the system, that they can outsmart the puppeteer but let’s face it: GoDaddy would never be what it is without using careful cunning and deceit against their users; How else do you think they can afford advertising spaces at large events such as the SuperBowl?!

Back to the topic, you build a website, everything seems fine, a year passes, GoDaddy asks 20$ a month from you and being a respectful human being you humbly decline such an offer and voice your wish to transport your website to another provider, such as BlueHost.

Here comes the surprise: You cannot copy your website and the process to get your pages out of their slimy hands is painfully slow on purpose, to make you stay with them just long enough that you have to renew your hosting package, starting the entire ordeal once more…

To summarize, GoDaddy is one of the worst examples of capitalism in live-action, if it weren’t for the millions they spend on advertising and manipulating the unsuspecting masses, they would be out of business in a matter of months.

Even if you are a newbie and know nada about the Internet, stay away from those offering you an easy and pain-free solution as that oftentimes backfires into the direction they promised to keep you away from.

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