Generate Free Riot Points Yourself

As a League of legends player I believe you have a dream of being able to get free Riot Points so you can enjoy the best of this online game without spending any money. But most people will say and think that it’s just an impossible dream. Even if there are events with riot point as the gift or prize, the amount will be limited, and no one can guarantee that we will win the prize, right?

So, is there any solution for it? Is there any way we can get real Riot Points for free? Don’t worry, you are on the right blog now. I create this blog with that one purpose, sharing the info how to you can get riot points for free so you don’t have to spend any money to get it. Even, you can also get free influence points as well at the same time. Awesome, right?

The solution is an online program called riot points hack. You can use the tool by visiting the page from that link. You can use the application for free, no need to pay any membership or anything, just visit the generator page, run it, and send the points to your account. However, before yo run the generator I suggest you to read that page first so you understand thoroughly what this is all about, what it can do, how it works, and what you can expect from it.

As stated above, this is an online application as the actual program is hosted and installed on an independent server used privately to just run this tool. The users, us, can use this League of Legends hack by visiting the user interface page where we can start running that generator. So all we need to be able to run it is just a device with an installed browser and internet connection.

This free riot points tool is definitely safe to use as no risk of getting infected by virus, malware, keylogger, or similar harmful things. Remember, we don’t download anything here so that kind of risk is absolutely zero. We are accessing a simple web page that is do different to any other page on the net, no different to this very blog as well. It’s just a simple HTML page used to start running the tool.

This RP generator program is also safe for us to use anytime anywhere we want as it will never leave any footprints that can be associated with us. The server where this program is installed also works as a proxy that hide our traces so we can’t be tracked down, even if we use it from our home internet connection.

Another advantage as an online tool is that there will be no issue with device and operating system compatibility. This is because we only need a browser to operate the League of Legends RP generator. We can use it smoothly on a tablet or phone, be it under Android, iOS, or any other mobile OSes. We can use our Linux, Mac, or Windows based computer as well.

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